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. it will be a great show and we have our entire team here. >> wait, are we going to have dennis rodman on today's show. >> i think so. and in honor of dennis i'm here this morning, but guess what -- don't hate me. [ laughter ] >> all right. we're going to get started in just a minute here. i want you all to call in 866-55-press, 866-557-7377. good morning, welcome to the "bill press show." my name is jamal simmons and we'll be right back. ♪ billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? ♪ >> announcer: broadcasting across the na
here is that would look so solid with dennis rodman's jacket, the one with all of the dollars on it. that would just be such a perfect look. you know, rodman had on his little ralph lauren hat and the scarf which was really nice. >> peter: tied it all together. >> our new diplomat, dennis rodman. >> america's got talent has hired a new judge to replace sharon osborn. heidi klum will join the nbc talent show joining howard stern, howie mandel on the judge's panel. >> that's a decent enough -- >> she's got judging experience. >> here's the deal. let me put it this way. i don't watch any of the schlocky competition stuff. but that is one that i can col tate while my kids -- that i can tolerate while my kids wash. >> you won't watch when they rescue louie anderson? >> finally, the national rifle association is upping the ante sponsoring an upcoming nascar sprint cup series race april 13th at the texas motor speedway. formerly the texas 500. it will be called the nra 500 in the first saturday prime time race of the season. in front of a crowd of 190,000 people. last year, the nra sponsor
dennis rodman can meet with them, but the president can talk with him. >> you can't say we're not talking to them, we sent dennis rodman over there. >> that was an odd thing but sometimes things like that can break ground. kim young unsid -- un did say he wants to talk to president obama. >> bill: on another issue, senator rand paul who actually did a real filibuster, first one we have seen for three years. and raised the issue of drones and raising the questions of what policies do we have in place that guide the use of drones both overseas and here in the united states. did he do the right thing? >> i didn't think he did. i was a little critical of him. grandstanding until i read your column. >> woe. >> i swear i got it in my inbox this morning and i read your column, and i thought you are right. this is a serious issue, i have to put aside my feeling about rand paul, and i think he did the right thing in two ways. this was a real filibuster. and two, this is a good point. i support this president. i think this is a national security president -- >>
from the united states to meet with the new leader of north korea is dennis rodman, the former nba star hung out with kim jung ung. robin told him he has a friend for life. and he called the u.s./north korea relationship regrettable. >> bill: why is it regrettable? they are building nuclear weapons. >> those pictures are insane. >> totally insane. that leader of north korea is in sane. any other country, he would be committed. in north car e a -- >> maybe iran. >> the ex miss teen delaware u.s.a. who res found our crown. >> i am so proud of her. >> speaking of famous delawareans. she resigned her crown after it was revealed she started in a porn video. she has gotten appear job offer offering her $250,000 to be the spokeswoman for the website since she can't be any teen usa. they will call her ms. uporn. no response from ms. king yet. >> i wonder where she is from in delaware. i wonder if she is in my hometown delaware city. >> delaware city. >> 250, she is 18. >> 18, yeah. >> not bad money. look once you have made a sex tape and people have reporte
approximately dennis van rockyleal creating great public schools for every student in america. tcpi out more about their good work at out there on the forefront of many issues today and always fighting for kids and for parents and teachers talking about paul ryan releasing his budget, dead on arrival. not one new idea in it. the camesame ol' crap as in last year's budget. all of which was rejected by american votesers in november of 2012. yet paul ryan is considered a hero, a serious thinker for putting forth this piece of crap. peter, what's going on? >> quick story from outside the belt wraifrnlths, bill. we talk a lot about the marijuana lawway, bill. we talk a lot about the marijuana law in an interview with the denver post nancy pelosi said the federal government should regulation expect the laws in colorado and basically, let's stop fighting it. the people have spoken. they want recreational marijuana. she said the state has spoken. the law has been pass did. there aretion issues with taxation regulation and we need to get on with it.
kerry clearly not impressed with dennis rodman's basketball diplomacy in north korea last week. he said rodman was a great basketball player and as diplomat he was a great basketball player and that's where i'll leave it. >> bill: yeah. like jesse jackson with his one-man diplomacy. >> the first lady was spotted at a popular pizza joint meeting with a group of friends for about an hour. took some time to say hi to others in the restaurant. one would assume she ate pizza, but she could have had a solid. >> it's not health food there. >> bill: no. and it's right next door to good stuff, which is another favorite place of hers. i have seen here there at good stuff leaving there with her mother and the two girls. yeah, she knows her way around capitol hill. good place to eat as we know. yes, indeed. i love this story, having gone out to san diego, and then las vegas, and back here last night. experiencing tsa some of you might have seen i tweeted on friday when i went to san diego, there was three long lines at dellas to get checked in for the flights. the first line w
. >> bill: he's the new fox -- he and dennis kucinich. >> great line-up. >> bill: there it is. you know, i haven't seen -- maybe in a week or so, the ratings. fox is down. everybody is down after an election year. cable tv comes down. fox is down from where they were historically, peter but they're still beating -- msnbc two to one so cry me a river. >> in terms of the ratings race, msnbc has made some real gains. >> bill: they have. >> which i think again is due to new audience among the left for that kind of media to counter what ailes has done which is real interesting because when ailes built fox news, he was trying to counter what the mainstream media was doing. >> bill: let's talk about that particularly msnbc when we come back. the latest on fox news. we mention this and the phones usually go crazy. e-mails go crazy. anything good to be said about fox news or roger ailes? what about msnbc? are they going to overtake fox with their pretty bold left moves lately. and their hiring. dylan byers is in studio with us. your calls welcome at 1-866-55-press. >> announcer: seen on current tv,
by the national education association. yes, the good men and women of the nea under president dennis van roekel making a difference in america's classrooms every day and creating great public schools for every student in the country. you can find out more about all, work they are doing at that's their website. in studio with us congress woman jan schakowsky who wants you to choose we are asking you to choose in terms of whether you want to continue wasteful spending in your opinion the tax code. we want more on how people can tune in. >> you mentioned the hash tag, youchoose on twitter. people are already chiming in to weigh in on that that have heard about this on the show. a couple of comments on tax loopholes hash tag, you choose. benefit only the wealthy and multi-national corporations. a comment from sam on twitter where we are tweeting @bp show. the wealthy like the koch brothers should look at history when you exploit the workers, you do so at your own peril. >> warning. >> absolutely. 750 jobs lost because of the sequester is the est
can go to their web site, thanks to their president dennis van roekel. all right. the news of the day. what's going on? you want to know here and around the country, only one place to go. two places to go. it is "full court press" and think progress. when we put them all together on a tuesday morning man you got the best of both worlds. igor volsky, deputy editor of think progress in studio with us again this morning. igor, good to see you. >> good morning. good marriage equality morning to you. >> i like that. >> bill: it is. it will be known as that. supreme court starting today with doma. >> proposition 8 is today. >> bill: really? yes. >> i thought oh, goodness, no, it is proposition 8 today. doma tomorrow. >> bill: today is proposition 8. california proposition. the supreme court in california had legalized marriage -- adopted marriage equality. the people of california with a lot of money from the church of scientology, so-called church of scientology and the roman catholic church and the mormons put prop 8 on the ballot, overturned marriage equality in california. th
, and they're talking about the inconvenience of a form. (vo)dennis henigan is the acting president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. he says the nra has worked tirelessly to weaken the u.s. bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, the agency tasked with enforcing gun laws. >>this is an agency that has lived in mortal fear of its own destruction for literally decades, because the dark cloud of the nra is always hovering close by. an agency that under tremendous pressure to do something about this gun trafficking, but doesn't have the legal tools to really do it effectively. (vo)over the last four decades, the nra has wielded remarkable influence over congress, persuading lawmakers to curb the atf's budget. >>my problem also is resources. my agency has been at the same amount of manpower since 1972. >>same number of men since 1972? same, like... >>we haven't had a director in over six years. >>why hasn't the atf had an active director in over six years? >>uh, it hasn't been confirmed by congress. >>why do you think that is? >>that's some political areas that i'm not allow
bergolio. father tom reece. pete officer. >> earlier mitt romney sat down with dennis miller talk radio host and he says quote, it's good to live a normal life again after running for president. a normal life to him is probably a little bit different than a normal life to you and i. we don't go on a multiple million dollar mansion. he said i wouldn't have gotten into this if i thought everything was going swimmingly when he decided to run for president and happy to be living a normal life. >> for me, it does not include a car elevator. >> horses that can dance. >> now fairther, there are some of us in the catholic church who have been advocating that the church has to make major changes like allowing ordination of women, allowing those who would like to get married and still be priests, maybe easing the ban on contraception, major changes. it's unlikely we will see -- would you agree it's unlikely we will see those changes from the pope is my first question. and the second is, if not, if he doesn't make those changes might we still expect him to change the focus
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11